Today I found an article online that I had done at my previous job. AT:
you can find the online version of the article I worked on last year. The layout, photography and design are all © KaylaOstrowski – Full article posted below.

Layout, photography and design © KaylaOstrowski

Layout, photography and design © KaylaOstrowski

Layout, photography and design © KaylaOstrowski

Layout, photography and design © KaylaOstrowski

Layout, photography and design © KaylaOstrowski


Still discovering site where I can find new jobs. But have you seen the new article on mashable today?

Using pinterest to network. Trust me, seems like a good opportunity to me. I’ll be uploading a new category onto my pinterest account for networking and career possibilities.  I guess we’ll have to see if that helps at all. My resume is up there now.

In other news…grad school? Maybe not such a bad option. I really feel like I would thrive in my current position more so if I had a little bit more to offer, but who knows. Definitely starting to look into options, register for GRE/GMAT exams, and start applying. Whirlwind adventures coming spring/summer 2012


Well hello again. I’ve just launched my second official career search. It is frustrating in that no one wants to hire you let alone interview you if you don’t already live in the state of the job you’re applying to. Am I just going to have to pack up and leave at some point? That may well be the case. I’ve posted some new work from my current position and will continue to do so in my search. But the networking is really the hardest part – you end up asking people, who know people, who know people and so on and you really don’t know if/when these people will be able to fit you into their busy lives. I just need a lead. It’s so much like journalism; you try and take an idea and turn it into a lead, or several leads and sometimes it just doesn’t budge. Sometimes that idea fizzles. I’m struggling with that now and I’m using every aspect of my power to figure it out. I don’t know how many people are reading this or how many people will actually check out my work, but at least I can say everything I’ve done is out there. People can also view my twitter @KaylaOstrowski or my LinkedIn profile

But who really knows if that will help me. I’ve got a reasonably limited access to people i already know and try to get them to pass along my information so I can be referred to jobs. But sometimes it’s a dead end and sometimes it’s not. I’d kill for even an interview…the experience would send me over the moon with happiness. That one little interview, email, phone  call…whatever, is an in. You can say you met that person, and somehow they may aid in helping you in the future. Who knows. Trying not to let myself get to down on it. It will come, right? Sometimes timing is just off.


Today was a laborious day. We needed to move all the EMU Fall 2011 stuff into the right areas after it had been brought back from the fashion show. In order to do so, we first needed to check everything in so we went through each accessory, piece of clothing and set of shoes. The first set was checked off as the initial set that would stay in the New York City office, and the second set would be sent to the L.A office. Any extra sets after the second would be saved for gifting and extra sizes. The toughest part were the shoes as we had many out on display at the show, but it was only one shoe so we needed to find the matches for all of those shoes. Shoes were mens, womens, and childrens. This will eventually be merchandised into our display shelves expected to happen around April or May after Fall 2011 press preview days. In addition I did a search on Cision Point to find CPM Ad rates for a few online sites such as harpers bazaar, e online, etc.


Oscar viewing party at Sky Room Times Square. The AE in charge of the event was sick today so I was the only one who knew what was going on, I set up and briefed everyone on what was planned. We set up the area and stood by the door to check people in. Met Robert Di Mauro, which was cool. The event went smoothly, and everyone had a great time.


Mocking up clips upon clips from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for fall 2011 styles. Style 360 was published EVERYWHERE! Awesome!!! Adding Oscar Red Carpet streaming app on the W Hotel’s ipad so we can view the red carpet at the event on Sunday!

Grand opening of HASH NYC later tonight.


Mocking clips from the Ann Yee show at Skyroom from last Friday. Clips will be posted in the Public Relations section.


Happy Valentine’s Day!! Yeohlee fashion show today at Yeohlee store in the Garment district in NYC!! Running around dressing the models and video taping as we speak. Epic.

update: See tweets for WWD. “Yeohlee models are doing a turn in the streets”


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