Looking for a job

I will be a recent college graduate as of May 2011.

This website details my skills, and what I have to offer to companies out there. I am looking for a PR job and I have experience in PR, advertising, event planning promotions and marketing. Adobe Creative suit is a specialty of mine, and this website will detail my abilities to think outside of the box and be creative on a variety of different assignment. I experiment to find out the new and different possibilities in social media on a daily basis especially through blogging, twitter, linkedin and facebook, and I can assure you I have done more than most with them.  I have better research skills than most out there, and a great knowledge of what’s trending, and what will be in the future which I am more than willing to talk about. I am the future of PR. Please feel free to contact me at Kayla.Ostrowski@gmail.com

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